Ethics Policy

We aims to deliver facts with precision and context. Our objective is to cover all possible sides of a story, with accuracy, fairness, and complete transparency.


We strives to maintain accuracy in its reporting. All sources are verified and all content is fact-checked before it is published. Articles also undergo multiple reviews at various stages to ensure accuracy. Although we intend to provide accurate and timely information, the content may not be entirely accurate and could contain technical or typographical instances. In rare instances, there could be unintentional but significant errors resulting from faulty human judgment. In such cases, We shall run a correction, clarification, or an editor’s note, as deemed appropriate.


We are committed to fairness and all employees are expected to abide by these standards. We strive to imbue a strong sense of fair play in our reporting, accurately reporting the motives of the sources. The tone and language of our coverage should also aim to foster a spirit of fairness.

A story isn’t fair if it omits facts of serious importance and significance. Nor is it fair if it includes irrelevant information without regard for the facts. A story is also not fair if it misleads the reader, consciously or unconsciously. Fairness in coverage includes completeness, relevance, and honesty.

No story is fair if it individuals or institutions covered in them have not been given the opportunity to address assertions or claims made. It is imperative that we allow subjects ample time to react and respond to events, issues, and most importantly, any allegations against them.


There is no trust without transparency. We pledged to avoid any conflict of interest whenever and wherever possible.

We do not accept gifts, either in kith or kind, from any of our news sources. We also do not accept any form of payment from governments, government-funded agencies, government officials, political parties, or representatives that take positions on controversial issues.

Reporters and editors shall also not accept any form of payment or privilege from any individual, company, institution, or organization that they cover.

In addition, We expects the content published on the website to be accurately attributed. Anonymous sourcing is allowed only as a last resort and with approval from the editor-in-chief. In such cases, reporters and editors must be able to characterize the accessibility and credibility of the source.

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