WordPress bans developers from using WP in plugin names

WordPress bans developers from using WP in plugin names
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Module names that utilization WP is being dismissed by the WordPress Plugin Review Team. WordPress is guaranteeing Automattic holds the brand name for WP.

Joe Youngblood, a computerized advertiser from Dallas, TX, had a horrendous astonishment on Friday the thirteenth. He was stunned subsequent to presenting another WordPress module to the WordPress Plugin Directory and it was auto-dismissed. The dismissal message expressed that the module could exclude WP in the name.

In correspondence with the WordPress Plugin Review group, a colleague disclosed to Youngblood that they were expressly educated to deny the utilization of WP in module names. Youngblood tweeted about his experience on Twitter and grabbed the eye of an individual advanced advertiser, Andy Beard. Facial hair had the option to rapidly discover when and where the change was made.

Facial hair found that around 90 days prior, a WordPress benefactor added wp-to their computerized brand name checking code. The code indicates that WP is a brand name of Automattic and can’t be prepended to a module name.

After additional examination, Youngblood posted a tweet string about all that he had found out about WordPress obstructing modules from utilizing WP.

Here’s the beginning and end I know so far about this “WP” issue with WordPress

About 90 days prior The WordPress Foundation mentioned that the volunteer group block any modules from utilizing the expression “WP” toward the beginning of their name.

The WordPress Foundation doesn’t claim any lawful rights to the expression “WP” as it were “WordPress”. WP is claimed as a brand name in a couple of enterprises by @WhistlePigRye and Donegal Insurance for their interior programming “Compose Pro”

WordPress module support revealed to me that it was great that I was unable to utilize the module name I had contributed a ton of time and cash into in light of the fact that it was terrible for SEO at any rate.

The square rundown as uncovered by @AndyBeard incorporates a couple of notable WordPress module names including WP Mail SMTP, which incidentally begins with “WP”.

Whoever is at module support disclosed to me that “there are different lawful groups working it out”, however, there isn’t a lot to work through since neither The WordPress Foundation nor Automattic possesses the brand name to “WP”.

For those uninformed, in 2010 the organizer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg set up The WordPress Foundation which took responsibility for the brand name “WordPress” and pronounced that any designer could utilize “WP” in any capacity they wished. Many surrendered spaces with “WordPress” in them.

It has been ordinary for longer than 10 years that WordPress designers making a module start with the expression “WP” to connote that it is a WordPress module.

This show is additionally utilized by facilitating organizations like WP Engine and subject designers.

There is something like a couple of modules for WordPress with a USPTO enrolled brand name that beginnings with “WP” which means today on the off chance that they dispatched, @WordPress would disregard their legitimate rights to their name by attempting to constrain them to not utilize it.

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