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[v7.4.12]Wordfence Security Premium Plugin Nulled Free Download

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Wordfence Security Plugin v7.4.12 Overview

Wordfence Security Plugin v7.4.12 provides the best protection available for your website. Powered by the constantly updated Threat Defense Feed, WordFence Firewall stops you from getting hacked.

Wordfence Scan leverages the same proprietary feed, alerting you quickly in the event your site is compromised. Our Live Traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your website. A deep set of additional tools round out the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available.

Wordfence Security Plugin Features:

  • Real time protection
    • With Wordfence premium your Firewall rules and Scan malware signatures are updated in real time, providing you with immediate protection against new threats and immediate detection of new malware and vulnerabilities
  • Country blocking
    • Country blocking is a premium feature that allows you to restrict access to your login page or the whole site to specific countries.
  • Real-Time IP Blacklist
    • Users of both the free and premium versions of Wordfence can choose to participate in the Wordfence Security Network. This allows us to track malicious behavior of specific IP addresses on a large amount of sites. When we notice that an IP address is behaving badly, it is automatically added to the Wordfence IP Blacklist. The Real-Time IP Blacklist is a premium feature of Wordfence that completely blocks access to your site from these IP addresses.
  • Premium support
    • With Wordfence premium you get access to our premium support. We aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours during business hours. Our premium support staff all have a technical background and work closely with Wordfence developers to ensure issues are resolved promptly and accurately.

Wordfence Security Premium Plugin v7.4.12 Free Download


* Improvement: Added diagnostic debug button to clear Wordfence Central connection data from the database.
* Improvement: Added help documentation links to modified plugin/theme file scan results.
* Fix: Prevent file system scan from following symlinks to root.
* Fix: Cleared pending plugin/theme update scan results and notification when a plugin/theme is auto-updated.
* Fix: Added check for when site is disconnected on Central’s end, but not in the plugin.

* Improvement: Prevent author sitemap from leaking usernames in WordPress >= 5.5.0.
* Fix: Prevent Wordfence auto-update from running if the user has enabled auto-update through WordPress.
* Fix: Added default `permission_callback` params to Wordfence Central REST routes.
* Fix: Fixed missing styling on WAF optimization admin notice.

  • * Improvement: Added list of known malicious usernames to suspicious administrator scan.
    * Improvement: Added ability for the WAF to determine if a given plugin/theme/core version is installed.
    * Improvement: Added a feature to export a diagnostics report.
    * Improvement: Add php_errorlog to the list of downloadable logs in diagnostics.
    * Improvement: Added a prompt to allow user to download a backup prior to repairing files.
    * Improvement: Prevent scan from failing when the home URL has changed and the key is no longer valid.
    * Improvement: Deprecated PHP 5.3, and ended PHP 5.2 support by prevent auto-update from running on older versions.
    * Fix: Fixed issue where WAF mysqli storage engine cannot find credentials if wflogs/ does not exist.
    * Fix: Changed capability checked to read WP REST API users endpoint when “Prevent discovery of usernames through …” is enabled.
    * Fix: Prevented duplicate queries for wordfenceCentralConnected wfconfig value.
    * Fix: Prevented custom wp-content or other directories from appearing in “skipped paths” scan result, even when scanned.
    * Fix: Login Attempts dashboard widget “Show more” link is not visible when long usernames and IPs cause wrapping.
    * Fix: Fix typo in the readme.
  • * Fix: Fixed issue with fatal errors encountered during activation under certain conditions.

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