Nations that have forced a movement prohibition on India

prohibition on India
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While a few nations are facilitating travel limitations for India as the nation sees a lower number of COVID-19 diseases, a few others have effectively broadened travel restrictions on India. The principal concern driving a few nations to expand the movement boycott is the spread of the Delta variation. At present, the Delta variation of COVID-19 has, allegedly, spread to in excess of 100 nations, which is conceivable being viewed as one of the potential explanations behind certain nations giving travel prohibitions on India.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia as of late presented probably the strictest guideline and disciplines to control the spread of COVID-19. According to the reports, the Saudi Arab government expressed that it will force a three-year travel boycott and robust punishments on the individuals who visit the Red List nations. Apparently, the red rundown nations incorporate India, the UAE, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, Afghanistan, Belarus, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

The United Arab Emirates

Etihad Airways has likewise reported that departures from India to the United Arab Emirates will keep on leftover restricted until August 2, albeit the public transporter of UAE tweeted that it doesn’t know concerning when the boycott will be lifted. The aircraft then, at that point added that the traveler departures from India to Abu Dhabi may stay suspended even get-togethers 7, contingent upon the data they get from the UAE specialists.

Apparently, a restriction on departures from India to the UAE started on April 25, when India began enrolling an ascent in the Delta variation of COVID-19 cases.

The Philippines

The Philippines Government has as of late broadened travel limitations for those going to 10 nations, including India, till August 15. This move comes in the wake of rising Delta variation cases in the said nations. The Philippines had before forced the said travel prohibition on India on April 29, which was then stretched out on July 14, with the public authority broadening the movement restriction on India alongside Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the UAE, and Oman till July 31. Presently, the movement boycott will stay set up till August 15.


Canada as of late broadened a restriction on approaching traveler departures from India for one more month to check the spread of the Delta variation of COVID-19. The flight boycott which should be lifted on July 21, has now been stretched out till August 21. As announced before, this is for the fourth time that the boycott has been reached out since it was first forced on April 22.

As to, a public statement was given by Health Canada, which expressed that the boycott was in accordance with the ‘general wellbeing guidance. Further, those venturing out to Canada from India by means of a backhanded course will be needed to go through a required pre-takeoff negative RT-PCR test prior to continuing their excursion forward.

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